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Computer headset no sound how to do – software problems

After determining that the computer headset doesn’t sound as if it’s not a hardware problem, it’s up to you to see if you’ve set your own bug or that the sound card driver is not properly installed. You can look at our previously written computer without sound related information.
1. See if the sound settings are wrong
Open the “control panel”, select “sound and audio device”, mute, adjust the volume to the right range, and also put volume icons on the system tray and so on.
2, check the sound card driver installation is correct
You open the “device manager”, see “before the sound, video and game controllers have yellow exclamation mark, if any, you need to properly install the sound card driver, it can also solve the problem of headset no sound how to do.
How do general headset did not sound or fine problem solved, we meet these problems do not worry, through our tutorial can be solved.

Headphones do not sound, how to set the computer, plug in headphones, no sound

Headphones do not sound how to do, of course, first find headphones, no sound is what causes. Feedback from the current view, the software and hardware are likely to cause headphones no sound, we will see below the specific reasons.
Computer headset no sound how to do – hardware problems
1 、 the headset is damaged
Probability of this happening in the Internet bar more, suggest you appear no sound problem when the headset, the headset is inserted into the MP3 or other computer to try, if there is no sound, basic headset is bad, you can replace a headset.
2 、 the headset is not plugged into the correct socket
We all know that there are several similar local computer chassis behind the headset jack, if the headset is plugged in the wrong position without sound, that Jack is among the general chassis behind the headset jack, please do not insert the wrong.

During the new headset music recommendation headset in listen to what song

The best is a CD player, my CD player is not around all use iPod shuffle praise machine, because shuffle is a product of all iPod quality best, no MP3 and CD, the best use of APE and FLAC lossless compression format, foorbar supports these formats can download the player.
The first stage: preheat, as long as the more soothing tunes for normal volume, about 30% of the volume of normal play on it, and its playing time is generally in 10 to 12 hours is appropriate.
The second stage: the official praised machine stage, with a normal volume of 60% to 70% the size of the volume are often 48 hours of playback, the best break every 12 hours, 10 minutes, to the music category, down to the volume and playback time adjustment has a clear standard, this period is a transitional stage. For each frequency the headset adaptive memory formation in this phase, the success of influencing the expression of the headset on……
Headset in music recommendation
High frequency:
Butterfly Lovers Violin Edition
Ambush Pipa version
le nozze di figaro
Serenade No. 13, for, strings, in, G, major (‘Eine, Kleine, Nachtmusik’), K., 525-, Allegro, Mozart
Intermediate frequency:
Qinghai Xizang Plateau Li Na
Heaven Teng Ko Erh
Ferry Cai Qin
Just like your gentle Cai Qin
Low frequency:
Drum poem, Yan Xuemin
Liu Xing recluse with no fixed abode
Return To Grand Canyon
Sleeping ground
Dust drums, He Xuntian
Scorpions-Hurricane 2000 Scorpions
The third stage: keep about 50% of the volume loop, need long time play for 14 hours or so, is mainly a consolidation phase, the main role is to further enhance the effect, choose a comprehensive repertoire:
Hotel California Eagles
The Mass (Era)
Fairytale mystery Garden

Which is the best headset?

Music does not have national boundaries. Music is a world language that does not need words to cross the race. Good music needs good earphones, just as Oreo and milk do, so good music is perfect. Carry out the headset to listen to drums, the details for a headset on its own, will find the same song is not the same experience.
Headphones have larger sound fields and better stretch, while overall headphones are distorted in quality, unclear in voice, and too narrow in wear. Some of the instruments are complex, rich drum songs, you need a good headset help.
My friend took my iron triangle and compared it with his grocery headset. “It doesn’t make any difference. I’m looking better than you,” said one thousand fast headphones. “It doesn’t make any difference to my 100 headphones.”.
The difference can be large, not to mention the material. Your headphones are getting worse and worse, and the more I listen, the more I listen. This is like a connotation, self-cultivation and rich people, it takes time to dig into his inner, and then be impressed.
The headset also, many details need to be dug slowly, headphones like their own another pair of ears, you need to take good care of.
Online circulation of a sentence: “1000 yuan, listen to the sound, more than 10000 yuan to listen to music.”.
Some professional needs of people need to configure the top equipment, but in life, people have the ability to buy more good headphones, not because of other people’s evaluation on the wrong direction.
Then, the headset to burn?

In-Ear Earphones harm In-Ear Earphones to wear

In-Ear Earphones harm
The damage of sound to hearing is called “noise deafness” in medicine, and noise deafness is mainly divided into chronic acoustic damage and acute acoustic damage.
Chronic acoustic damage. That is caused by long-term exposure to noise stimulation of slowly progressive sensorineural hearing loss; close range explosion (such as war bomb around us) caused by acute acoustic trauma, called: a high intensity pulse noise caused by instantaneous exposure. The damage caused by listening to headphones belongs to the former.
The severity of hearing loss is mainly determined by noise intensity and exposure time. The greater the intensity, the longer the exposure time, the more serious.
So, in theory, the headset’s hearing damage is mainly related to the volume of the listening music and the time the headset is worn, irrespective of the way it is worn.
Earbuds users a day listening to music 3 hours up to 70 decibels, compared with a 5 hour every day to listen to the music volume to 100 dB common earplug users, the latter is more likely to damage hearing. In the same use time, the same volume of the premise, there should be no significant difference.
According to the state regulations on labor protection, the allowable noise level for 8 hours work is 85 decibels, but not exceeding 90 decibels.
As the friends said, the first performance of noise deafness is followed by tinnitus, hearing loss, and even the late can cause dysfunction of cerebral cortex, autonomic nervous system, cardiac, endocrine and digestive system.
But symptoms of hearing loss can be fully recovered if they are detected early and intervened in time.
At the same time, In-Ear Earphones can be isolated from a part of environmental noise in a certain extent, that is to say, the theory In-Ear Earphones can use a smaller volume and sound to hear more details. But this fad has not been heard of in clinical trials.
As a headset users for many years, I have used ordinary earplugs and earbuds, now also used in the.
To compare the words from wearing comfort, or in a stroke above. Because in the high-end In-Ear Earphones will be accompanied by various sizes of rubber or sponge, there is always a right for you. When wearing, the ear canal feels almost no pressure. While the ordinary wearing earplugs for a long time, there will be a canal Luo the feeling of pain.

Headphones, what brands, good headphones, ten big list

Ten brand bangzhongbang headset, wireless headset headset headset – sports game – headset headset brand, the best brand (2017)
1.Sennheiser sound sea
Formerly known as Sennheiser, which began in 1945 in Germany, the leading professional microphone and headset manufacturer, the world’s premier provider of electroacoustic products / systems synthesis and service integration solutions
2. iron triangle
In 1962, Japan was committed to the design / manufacture / marketing of audio equipment and the release of large multinational companies, the world’s leading headphone manufacturers, iron triangle (Greater China) Limited
The world’s leading high performance headphones brand, high-end headset famous brand, was acquired by Apple Corp in May 2014, apple electronics business (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Started in 1946, Japan, Japan’s representative enterprise, world electronics 3C/ game / financial / entertainment giant, portable digital products pioneer, Sony Corp
5.AKG love technology
Began in 1945 in Austria, Haman, focused on the audio field of world-renowned brands, world-class professional headset / microphone manufacturer, Haman (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
Beyerdynamic 6.Beyerdynamic
In 1924, the global audio field famous brand, its microphone / headphones and other audio products in the industry renowned, world-renowned microphone manufacturer, Guangzhou Dili Czech Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Began in 1891 in Holland, a world-renowned multinational electronic brand, focusing on health care / quality of life and lighting in the field of large electronics companies, Royal Holland PHILPS company
8. cruiser EDIFIER
Founded in 1996, Beijing famous trademark, multimedia audio and home audio for the high-tech enterprise core products, Shenzhen manbuzhe Polytron Technologies Inc
Founded in 1999, Guangdong famous brand, products in order to pursue personality style / fashion appearance is known, large computer peripheral equipment manufacturer, Guangdong SOMIC Technology Co., Ltd.
Dr. 10.Bose
Started in 1964, the integrated home audio system solutions provider, the world’s earlier speaker brands, global audio technology leader, Dr. audio visual system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Headset brand consumer guide

Headset in real life to be used in many occasions, choose the headset course to choose good quality, comfortable, suitable for their own, in addition, consider one of the factors of the brand is also one of the headset, many large and small brand on the market, fake and shoddy products are also many unlicensed, consumers in the selection, will there are a lot of questions, what brand of headset is good? Which regions are the most widely distributed headset brands? Where can I get better earphones? What are some of the top brands such as big brands, famous trademarks and provincial famous brands? In order to give consumers the headset market to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data to support the ten major brands, headset for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

Do you really wear headphones when you wear proper headphones?

In-Ear Earphones can eliminate external noise, both full and clear sound quality, light and easy to carry. But people often complain that the earphones are too small and the bass parts are not enough. They often fall out. In fact, this is not the problem of headphones, but most people do not know how to use this headset properly. So, what’s the proper way to wear headphones?
(earbud headset on the left is right, how many people have used the right way please raise their hands)
Some people say that’s what I like to wear
Some people want to say, “I did it on purpose.”
Some people say that other people wear this way
Are others wearing them wrong?
This… Can do that
The correct way to wear headphones is to wear them from the back of your ear, rather than wearing them directly on your ears.
The ear dressing is mainly to solve the problem of stethoscope effect. The stethoscope effect is common in In-Ear Earphones, namely the ear line or unit by outside air collision or friction, the vibration generated by the ear line directly (general ear line hardness large, is conducive to the conduction vibration) delivered to the ear canal, friction sound unpleasant.
The correct steps to access on ear headset:
It is said that this way around the ear to wear, the volume will increase by about 15%, but also not easy to fall off headphones. However, although the volume has improved, some people say that the stimulation has increased, and the ear sensitive people may not like it.
In-Ear Earphones and In-Ear Earphones like, but using different methods. Non In-Ear Earphones is hanging between the auricle and external auditory canal, and ear headset needs to be inserted into the ear canal, just like bottle stopper, completely closed ear canal. If you don’t plug it, the sound will be affected, especially the low frequency sound, and you’ll hear a lot of noise. In-Ear Earphones play sounds great, you need to adjust the volume is small, so the texture of the better bass. At the same time, because of better sound effects, users are easy to immerse themselves in the world.
After have a little surprised, originally this is the headset earplugs is on, but use the headset or to master the “60-60” principle, namely listening volume should not exceed the maximum volume of 60% music, continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes, and choose the appropriate headset will not be hearing impaired.
Finally, in fact, no matter how you wear a headset, first of all to wear comfortable and convenient, otherwise what is correct with a headset method are justified.

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